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From time to time, when I assume I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want (really, I don't), I spend that time in front of my computer browsing blogs, analysing design web sites, programming web sites, building more personal sites, or creating Flash medias.

One thing I learn that is absolutely useful in planning a good Flash media or web site is creating storyboards of what it should look like and how it should work. My storyboards are mostly in paper sketches, as I find it easier and better to visualise the end product. I keep these sketches in a single sketchpad until I'm out of space, so that in case I need to refer to my other works, I can just flip the pages to the ones I need. On these sketches, I plan the colour schemes, pictures, concepts, text, animation, motion transitions, the works. The clearer and quicker the storyboarding goes, the faster it goes into developing a demo.

Click the View link above to take a peek. They're nothing fancy, and most buttons don't work. Still, it gives you a small preview of my Flash capabilities.

Tools & skills used: Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop.