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KOYUM Loan System

YUM Co-op Computerised Loan System

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Period spent to complete project:
  2 weeks
Completion date:
  March 2003

After years of web development, I finally get to polish up on my software development skills with the building of this system. YUM stands for Yayasan Usaha Maju, a government agency in the agriculture arena. I was helping a person who needed a system built for YUM co-op's loan facility as a proposal for his Masters degree.

This is a two-fold project. The first part is a simply-designed, web-based system built where the co-op members can submit their applications. The information are then stored in a back-end Access database. Verification of information are extensive on this web site, combining both client- and server-side validation. The tools used are FrontPage 2002 with VBScript ASP and JavaScript and set up in IIS 5.0 web server.

The second and main part of the project is the client/server application. The application uses the same database that the web-based system uses. Not only can one submit new applications in this system, but one can also process approvals and print out different reports based on one's customised reporting needs. The tools used are Visual Basic 6.0 and Crystal Reports 9.0.

You may click on the View link above to view the snapshots and flowcharts.

Tools & skills used: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Seagate Crystal Reports 9.0, Active Server Pages (server-side VBScript), Microsoft Access 2000, Internet Information Server 5.0.