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KPD web site v2

Rural Development Corporation

Period spent to complete project:
  1 month
Completion date:
  September 2001
This is a redesign of their old site. The whole web site is created using FrontPage 2000. One of the advanced features include a splash image (i.e. image in the main page) that changes every time the site is reloaded or refreshed. The guest book and enquiry forms are made entirely using FrontPage 2000, which made it customisable to the user's requirements. Another neat feature of the site is the Price List (Senarai Harga) under Tamu KPD. The information is grabbed from MS Access and displayed automatically in the price list page. The customer will only need to go to the Admin module and fill in a form to update the database. Of course, there's also the roll-over effects done on the navigation. Most formatting are done using Cascading Style Sheet.

As it was with the previous project, I was hired to do the initial design and template of the web site, and they do the web maintenance and updating themselves.

Tools & skills used: HTML, Microsoft FrontPage, client-side JavaScript, Active Server Pages (server-side VBScript), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Microsoft Access 2000.