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Sales & Order System

Period spent to complete project:
  2 months
Completion date:
  August 2003
Nothing makes development easier than a client who knows exactly what he or she wants. The result is one awesome web-based application I'm proud to build.

The system is divided into five parts: Delivery Orders, Invoices, Sample Issues, Activity Schedules, and Customers. The system limits a normal user (i.e. salesman) to adding and editing info, and no deletion is allowed except for the Activity Schedule. On top of that, you can see only orders, customer info and other details that you created. Of course, the standard error-checking capabilities are added in for a more solid application.

The Delivery Orders and Sample Issues work almost the same way. To create an order, you must enter the Customer Code and the products (products are also DB-driven) before the order is submitted into the system. Note the Add A Product button -- it actually creates a new row of fields for one to select more products. The technique of adding rows into a table requires the combination of DOM-HTML and JavaScript, which I think is one of the coolest things in the system.

An Invoice is then created using a customer's existing Delivery Order. You will notice that, like Delivery Orders, the invoices each have payment status. Once payment is made, you can update the payment details in the system. You'll notice that the Invoices and Delivery Orders are available in a printable format.

The system also supports multi-currency sales, and this is set up in the Customer module. The Customer Code is automatically generated based on some key information in the details. The generating of city codes uses the standard 3-letter aviation code, which the system will automatically search for. Whenever an Order is to be made, you can select the Customer Code from the pop-up search box, click on the appropriate button, and the code automatically appears in the corresponding text box.

Administrator (i.e. Boss) has total control of the system. The Boss also has the option of viewing the summary of sales and orders being made, consolidated into one report, no matter what type of currency the sales are made in. Other power tools include salesman login management, complete sales & orders options (add, edit, delete) and ownership replacements (change sales & orders belonging to one salesman's  to another salesman).

The app was actually initially developed to be a total inventory management system and more comprehensive than what the final product should be, such as warehousing, built-in FIFO stock flow, purchase orders, sales orders and more, and most of them were almost completed before the system changed focus.

For the demo, I've stripped off the Administrator module as well as the login module. This app is a Work-In-Progress project and a database port-over from MSSQL to Access, which required quite a bit of tweaking on the original coding, so please bear the bugs. Also, play safe by using Internet Explorer 5 or better; some DOM *might* not work with older browsers and in latest Mozilla browsers.

Tools & skills used: Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Adobe Photoshop, Active Server Pages (server-side VBScript), client-side JavaScript, DOM-HTML, Internet Information Server 5.0.