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Mini Learning Portal



Since becoming a lecturer, I've been developing a few web sites to help me manage my work here and there. This is just one of those sites.

This site is meant for one of the subjects I'm supervising -- a final year project for diploma-level students. Most of the students under my supervision were taking only this subject at a particular semester. So, instead of having to see me every time, I just forwarded them to this site where they can get the latest news on anything and everything related to the subject.

The mini portal (as I like to call it) has the basic infrastructure like forums, latest news, links and download sections. Of course, each of those sections must come with its own web-based administration capabilities, coz I'd rather spend time doing something other then to edit HTMLs). Users can change passwords and usernames anytime they like.

There are 3 user levels -- guest, user and admin. Admin of course can manage every info there is in the site including user accounts. User can participate in the site as well as manage its own user account. Guest can only view information.

Another nifty thing about this site is its login/logout feature. Once logged out, even if a user clicks on the Back button to see the previous pages, he'll be prompted for a user name until he's authenticated. In other words, the pages he visited before won't be cached and, it's just cool you gotta try it.

BTW, the demo is in Malay language, so you better know what you're doing there. Don't make me bother translating 'em for you.

Tools & skills used: ASP, Microsoft Access, Macromedia Flash.