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Sabah International Expo 2004 (SIE2004)

Period spent to complete project:
  2 months
Completion date:
  October 2003
The highlight of this project is in its design. This web site is designed almost entirely of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). This means that the use of tables is minimum. Note that the three columns displayed in the main page are divided using CSS as well.

With the use of CSS, the site can be displayed in different styles, without having to create different documents. A simple example would be if you do a Print Preview of the main page, what you see is an entirely different layout that caters more for readability of the information. Try to view this site in a handheld device, and you will see totally different layout as well. Try copying and pasting the content from your browser to your word processor, and you will see an entirely different layout. Sweet, don't you think?

Another important feature of this site is the web-based content management console. Contents such as the conference programme, exhibitors directory, events, news and login access can be dynamically changed and managed from that very console.

Tools & skills used: Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Access 2000, Adobe Photoshop, Active Server Pages (server-side VBScript), client-side JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Internet Information Server 5.0.